Shapes For Women creates the most stable Hydraulic Fitness Equipment & solid support needed to operate your ladies fitness center, without franchise fees!
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Butterfly Machine Hydraulic Exercise Machine

The Shapes for Women Butterfly Hydraulic Exercise Machine is a traditional fly for working the range of muscles across the users chest.

This station is one of the newest members of our Panther Series fitness line and has been under development for over two years until perfection was achieved.
  • Incredibly stable footprint, low center of gravity and arched base means NO tipping over!!
  • Designed to be Easy for ANY size person to enter and exit.
  • Wonderful Range Of Restistance.
  • Wonderfully Fluid Resistance in BOTH directions!
  • Long cylinder arm provides range for any length arms.
  • As with all of our equipment, the adjustment knob is properly located AND easy to turn.
  • Super solid arm attachments keep motion straight and fluid.
  • Bound under carriage keeps arms coordinated while making them both work.
  • Length- 44 inches
  • Width- 34 inches
  • Height- 54 inches

  • Cubic Feet 546.61 inches

  • Weight- 110 lbs.


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Full Range Resistance and Wide Entry & Exit

The butterfly machine has a wide resting stance, yet our handle design still puts the handles within easy reach. This has two wonderful points! The wide handles provide an excellent range for anyone of any size. They also are very important when it comes to getting in and out of this machine!

Sturdy Base and Back

The special backing in our seats and our method of attaching them is completely geared around keeping your seats in place under the heavy workload we know you put your fitness machines through!

Single Cylinder Design Means Fluid Function

Both are are used to drive a single cylinder, pinned cam designed undercarriage. This means that you client gets a wonderfully fluid experience from this station and it helps keep their arms coordinated, yet it sill takes pressure from both arms to drive the cylinder. Simply amazing!!

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