3 in 1 Total Power Hydraulic Exercise Machine, Perfect for Home Gyms!
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3-In-1 Total Power Hydraulic Exercise Machine
Perfect for Home Gyms!

The 3 in 1 machine provides a wonderful, fast, low impact workout in a hurry. In under 9 minutes a day, you can tone and build muscle, in any condition!
  • Length- 39 inches
  • Width- 39 inches
  • Height- 46 inches

  • Cubic Feet 40.45 inches

  • Weight- 112 lbs.

The 3 in 1 Total Power Hydraulic exercise machine is another of our newest design and breed. This machine is designed specifically for use in your home.

In under 3 minutes per day, anyone of decent mobility can exercise at home on this easy to use, stable, powerful hydraulic exercise machine.

This machine incorporates a shoulder press / lat pull and a chest press / pull and a knee extension / hamstring pull into one amazing machine!

We have added wheels to the back of this fitness machine for easier moving.

The 3 in 1 machine is recommended in our home gym equipment packages.

  • Incredibly stable footprint & low center of gravity means NO tipping over!! (this is so important, we can't stress enough)
  • Designed to be Easy for ANY size person to enter and exit
  • Wonderful Range Of Restistance
  • Wonderfully Fluid Resistance in BOTH directions!
  • Long Cylinder Arms Provide a Full Range For Any Length Arms
  • Perfect arm height, not too low, not too high.
  • Sports our industry standard setting tough nylon Cam Bearings at the arm attachment, which means consistent, and straight movement for life.
  • Not to say this isnt a wonderful addition to any gym, we did specifically design this fitness machine for home gyms and other personal use. But it is also a wonderful machine for rehab and therapy rooms.


Fits Everyone, Men and Women

We specifically designed these hydraulic fitness machines to fit anyone, of just about any size. We also inteded to provide them a heck of a workout.

Easy to enter and exit, and comfortable to use.

Sure Grip

Our grips are positively going to stay in place and resist persperation. They are also large enough to provide a range or areas to grip for different body sizes or to vary your workout.

Dual and Triple Hydraulic Cylinders with a Sturdy Seat Setup

Two or three hydraulic cylinders is the secret to this brilliantly designed fintess machine.

The special backing in our seats and our method of attaching them is completely geared around keeping your seats in place under the heavy workload we know you put your fitness machines through!

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